Vetscript Progress to date

The Journey so far

  1. The Big Idea

    Founders Harry and Shane came up with the concept of VetScript. Frustrated with the Status Quo - we knew things could be better

  2. Wireframing & Basic Concept

    The basic UI is designed, and sense checked with a heavy focus on Vets workflow

  3. Vetscript Ltd Incorporated

    The company is formed and detailed business plan created

  4. Meeting with UK Regulators

    You dont just turn an industry on its head. Over several meetings we shaped and refined our ideas taking into account feedback from the regulators, vets, pharmacies and other stakeholders

  5. Peer Reveiew Process

    A thourough peer reveiw process is undertaken regulators, vets, pharmacies and other stakeholders give overwehlmingly positive feedback, and the final design is refined to take onboard feedback

  6. Trademark Registration

    VetScript begins the process of registereing various trademarks

  7. Innovate UK Selects VetScript for Governement grant funding

    VetScript was judged against over 2000 other businesses by a panel of experts and in 2021 received notification from Innovate UK that we had been selected for funding.

  8. SW Innovation - Pitchfest 2021

    VetScript selected as one of only 8 successful finalists to present to to an audience of investors, business leaders and other entrepreneurs at SW Innovation Expo.

The Team

Meet the team behind VetScript

Dr Harry Caldicott BVSc, BSc (Hons), PhD, MRCVS

Co-Founder & CEO

Shane Nelson FCMI

Co-Founder & CTO

Sam Reed



COO Designate

Diaa Alzein

Senior Programmer

Harry Moreland

Junior Programmer

Sasha Nelson


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